Appendix 4 List of figures

Figure 1: Diagram illustrating the proposed big themes of the Plan 5

Figure 2 Map showing the extent of Greater Cambridge 10

Figure 3 Population of Greater Cambridge 10

Figure 4: Comparison of adopted and new Local Plan time periods 11

Figure 5 Timetable for the preparation of the Greater Cambridge Local Plan in current Local Development Scheme 12

Figure 6: Regional Strategies influencing the Local Plan 15

Figure 7 Key economic corridors 15

Figure 8 Local authorities within the Combined Authority area 16

Figure 9 Cambridgeshire County Council area 17

Figure 10 Neighbouring Local Authorities 17

Figure 11 Diagram illustrating the proposed big themes of the Plan 20

Figure 12 Climate change in Greater Cambridge 22

Figure 13 Understanding net zero carbon 23

nge mitigation and adaptation strategies 24

Figure 15 Biodiversity and green space in Greater Cambridge today 26

Figure 16 Wellbeing and social inclusion in Greater Cambridge 30

Figure 17 Greater Cambridge’s heritage and design successes 35

Figure 18 Greater Cambridge’s economy 38

Figure 19 Homes and affordability in Greater Cambridge 45

Figure 20 Planned and potential housing growth in Greater Cambridge 48

Figure 21: Greater Cambridge’s infrastructure 51

Figure 22: Planned Major Transport Projects in Greater Cambridge in the Draft Local Transport Plan 2019 53

Figure 23: Distribution of growth in previous and current plans 56

Figure 24: Existing planned growth in the adopted 2018 Local Plans 56

Figure 25: Extent of the Cambridge Green Belt 58

Figure 26: Illustrative comparison between potential growth strategies 60

Figure 27: Densification of existing urban areas (concept illustration) 62

Figure 28: Edge of Cambridge: outside Green Belt (concept illustration) 62

Figure 29: Edge of Cambridge: within Green Belt (concept illustration) 63

Figure 30: Dispersal: new settlements (concept illustration) 64

Figure 31: Dispersal: villages (concept illustration) 64

Figure 32: Public transport corridors (concept illustration) 65

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