3. Development Objectives

3.1 To guide the delivery of the vision for CNFE, one overarching objective and eight clearly defined and demonstrable spatial objectives have been formulated which articulate the key development principles (see Chapter 7). The objectives have been drawn from an understanding of the particular issues within CNFE and the results of early evidence gathering and consultation with key stakeholders. The objectives are set out below.


Over-arching objective: to secure the successful regeneration and redevelopment of the CNFE area as a new gateway for and quarter of Cambridge

Proposed Objective 1:

Deliver a place that supports and fosters a strong new neighbourhood, well integrated with the wider community

Proposed Objective 2:

Provide a mix of land uses at densities that make best use of this highly sustainable location and regeneration opportunities

Proposed Objective 3:

Maximise the employment opportunities

Proposed Objective 4:

Create a new local centre that meets the needs of the new community and which complements other facilities in the wider area

Proposed Objective 5:

Deliver high quality and well-designed buildings, streets and spaces that responds to the needs of the community

Proposed Objective 6:

Create an accessible, permeable, well-connected and well-integrated new neighbourhood

Proposed Objective 7:

Enhance and protect the natural environment and existing and proposed open spaces

Proposed Objective 8:

Encourage a low carbon lifestyle and addressing climate change

(24)Question 2

Do you support or object to these objectives and how would you improve them?

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