Question 2. Please submit any sites for employment and housing you wish to suggest for allocation in the Local Plan. Provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible.

Form ID: 40273
Respondent: Savills
Agent: Savills

Land South of 327 St Neots Road, Hardwick


Site 40273 map





Residential development and associated public open space along with potential community facilities. Residential accommodation to include a mix of housing including market and affordable housing, older persons housing and/or care home.

Market and affordable housing, Key worker housing, Older persons housing, Residential care home, Custom or self build housing

Public open space, Community facilities

The site can accommodate much-needed housing, including affordable and specialist housing in a logical and sympathetic addition to the village, together with open space and soft landscaping to the edge of the settlement. Also potential for accommodation of community facilities to meet local needs subject to discussions with the local community.

Up to 150 dwellings which could include a care home. Please refer to Vision Document

Yes (Please give details)

Plan of proposed new access from St Neots Road attached. Refer to attached Access Plan


Please refer to attached Vision Document and covering letter providing further details of the Site including its topography.

Yes (Please give details)

No significant environmental constraints unduly affecting development. Please refer to attached Vision Document for further details.

Key utilities are all available from the adjacent St Neots Road. There are no utilities crossing the site. Please refer to attached Vision Document for further details.

Next 5 years

Owners and promoters are keen to obtain planning permission and develop the site as soon as the local plan reaches an advanced stage.

Site is under option by a developer

Strong demand within local market. Interest in the site from residential and care home operators.



2 Years

5 Years

3 Years