We are delighted to introduce this document, which forms an important early stage in developing the joint Area Action Plan, which will set out the blueprint for the comprehensive and co-ordinated regeneration of the area that we call North East Cambridge.

The principle of regeneration for this area is established in the recently adopted Local Plans. In a parallel but separate process, Cambridge City Council has been working with Homes England on their business case for Housing Investment Funding that will facilitate the relocation of the Cambridge Water Recycling Centre.

This significant initiative, if ultimately successful, provides the opportunity for the Councils, as local planning authorities, to reconsider what role this site and the surrounding area will play in meeting Greater Cambridge's future growth needs.

New transport evidence has also shown the importance of planning for this area comprehensively. We are therefore proposing to include the Cambridge Science Park within the Area Action Plan boundary.

We were encouraged by the positive comments received to an earlier round of consultation on issues and options held in 2014, in particular the desire to see comprehensive regeneration of the area east of Milton Road to the railway line.

We are excited about the enormous potential of North East Cambridge and are pleased to see the intent of landowners to bring forward new development within the area. However, we recognise there are some significant challenges that need addressing and some key choices that need to be made that will ultimately determine the future of this area. It remains the view of both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire Councils that such matters are best made through the making of the Area Action Plan in consultation with the community rather than through individual planning applications.

Having taken account of the comments received to the previous consultation in 2014, the main purpose of this document is to set out our draft vision of what the future North East Cambridge might look like and the challenges that need to be addressed in delivering that vision.

Our aspiration is to have a joint Area Action Plan that is more than just a policy tool. It is important to us, and our delivery partners, that the local community and key stakeholders can give their support to the final Plan and can work with us to deliver it over both the short and long-term. The comments we receive at this early stage will significantly influence the approach we take to planning for the future development of the area.

We therefore strongly encourage you to continue to engage with us in the preparation of this important Plan for Greater Cambridge as a whole.

Cllr Aidan Van de Weyer Cllr Kevin Blencowe

Deputy Leader Executive Councillor

for Planning Policy and Transport

South Cambridgeshire District Council Cambridge City Council

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