Appendix B: Relevant Cambridge Local Plan Policies

The following list represents the most relevant policies but is not an exhaustive list.

Cambridge Local Plan 2014 Policy Title

Policy 1

Presumption in favour of sustainable development

Policy 3

Spatial Strategy for the location of Residential Development

Policy 5

Strategic Transport Infrastructure

Policy 26

Site Specific Development Opportunities

Policy 27

Carbon reduction, community energy networks, sustainable design and construction, and water use

Policy 31

Integrated water management and the water cycle

Policy 32

Flood Risk

Policy 33

Contaminated Land

Policy 34

Light Pollution Control

Policy 35

Protection of human health from noise and vibration

Policy 36

Air quality, odour and dust

Policy 45

Affordable Housing and dwelling mix

Policy 50

Residential Space Standards

Policy 51

Lifetime Homes and Lifetime Neighbourhoods

Policy 55

Responding to Context

Policy 56

Creating Successful Places

Policy 57

Designing new buildings

Policy 59

Designing Landscape and the Public Realm

Policy 60

Tall Buildings and the Skyline in Cambridge

Policy 61

Conservation and enhancement of Cambridge's historic environment

Policy 68

Open Space and recreation provision through new development

Policy 70

Protection of priority species and habitats

Policy 71


Policy 75

Healthcare facilities

Policy 80

Supporting Sustainable Access to Development

Policy 81

Mitigating the transport impact of development

Policy 82

Parking Management

Policy 85

Infrastructure delivery, planning obligations and the community infrastructure levy

Appendix B - Proposals Schedule

Site R12 - Ridgeons, 75 Cromwell Road

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