Question 2. Please submit any sites for employment and housing you wish to suggest for allocation in the Local Plan. Provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible.

Form ID: 40306
Respondent: Quod
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Land at Cambridge Airport, Newmarket Road, Cambridge


Site 40306 map

Airport, Runway & Employment / Commercial uses plus open land in agricultural use.

N/A Site is in use.

Two applications are relevant on adjacent land: Wing - S/2682/13/OL (up to 1,300 homes, primary school, food store, community facilities, open spaces, landscaping and associated infrastructure and other development). Land North of Cherry Hinton - S/1231/18/OL (up to 1,200 residential dwellings, including retirement living facility, a local centre (comprising a mix of A use classes, B1a, D1 and D2 uses0, primary and secondary schools, community facilities, open spaces, allotments, landscaping and associated infrastructure). All other applications on the site are airport-related or relate to the existing employment buildings on site.


Major mixed-use development comprising the provision of up to 12,000 new homes, primary and secondary schools, 566,709 sqm of commercial/employment floorspace, research and education institutes, retail, healthcare, public open space, sports & cultural facilities, landscaping, a rapid transit link connecting the site with Cambridge station.

Market and affordable housing, Key worker housing, Older persons housing, Residential care home, Student accommodation, Custom or self build housing, Other forms of housing, Employment (B1) office, Employment (B1b) research and development, Employment (B1c) light industrial, Employment (B2) general industrial

Schools and education, Public open space, Community facilities, Recreation and leisure, Healthcare, Hotel, Retail, Other

New East Cambridge Site has the capacity and capability to deliver: 500 000 sqm of commercial floors space, 38 000 jobs, a major centre of innovation and research, potential for a new academic research cluster, new cultural, leisure and sporting facilities; conferencing facilities, 12, 000 new home for approximately 25,000 residents, a rich mix of housing types, including houses, flats, student housing, retirement/later living, built to rent and co-living, an extensive network of green infrastructure totalling over 120ha, a new High Street with a mix of contemporary retail floorspace, new schools and GP surgeries, a connected framework of open space, sustainable connections, linking New East Cambridge to the wider area, including a dedicated rapid transit link to Cambridge Station (Central).

Up to 12,000 new homes & 566,709 sqm of employment floorspace.

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Yes (Please give details)

Yes there is an existing access to the site. This will need improvement and additional accesses will be required. Proposed mitigation: A comprehensive study will be necessary to determine the detailed access strategy.


None known at this stage.

Yes (Please give details)

Nothing significant known. The land appears to be relatively unconstrained. All environmental factors will be tested further as the Local Plan process progresses.

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Due to the size of the site and the scale of development proposed, utilities will need reinforcing and upgrading to accommodate the development.

Next 6-10 years

The land will become available on the relocation of existing businesses, which is planned for the mid 2020s. Some potential for early development on land adjoining the airport.

Enquiries received

Strong, this may be one of the most attractive development opportunities in the UK and is of interest already to leading developers.

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A large part of the land is the single ownership of one land owner (the Marshall Group). Other land owned by Cambridgeshire Country Council is included in this response with the County Council's agreement. Third party land would need to be assembled for the delivery of the full opportunity, particularly for the transit link, which is likely to benefit from powers of Compulsory Purchase (where needed).

Relocation of the existing business is necessary before development can commence.

late 2020s

a phased development over 15-20 years



These could include business relocation, infrastructure costs to service a development of this scale, and transport investment. Joint working with public authorities to fund and deliver the transit link is a key enabler.