8. Development process

Developing North East Cambridge will take around 20 years, so there is the need to ensure that there is a clear and achievable plan for how this will take place over time. It is important that that the development process helps to reduce inequality, builds a strong and sustainable community, and is phased so that disruption is minimised.

This section sets out how the Councils will work with developers and partners to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of the Area Action Plan, and how monitoring will be undertaken during the plan period.

This section contains the following policies:

Policy 23: Comprehensive and Coordinated Development

Policy 24a: Land Assembly

Policy 24b: Relocation

Policy 25: Environmental Protection

Policy 26: Aggregates and waste sites

Policy 27: Planning Contributions

Policy 28 – Meanwhile uses

Policy 29 - Employment and Training

Policy 30: Digital infrastructure and open innovation

It also contains information on Trajectories and Monitoring.

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