Figure 1 Aerial photograph with the Grafton Area of major change highlighted for context

Figure 2 Process of preparation

Figure 3 Cambridge City Council policies map for the Local Plan 2014

Figure 4 Legal & General Property land ownership within the SPD area

Figure 5 Existing site photographs

Figure 6 Vehicle access

Figure 7 Cycle access and public transport

Figure 8 Service access

Figure 9 Existing ground floor land uses

Figure 10 Existing frontage analysis

Figure 11 Existing building heights

Figure 12 Views across the city from the upper levels of the centre

Figure 13 Historic development - above, 1888;below, 1983

Figure 14 The Grafton Area before the shopping centre was built

Figure 15 Heritage context

Figure 16 Photographs of Grade II listed Number17

Figure 17 The setting of number 17 Fitzroy Street in1903

Figure 18 The setting of number 17 Fitzroy Street in1959

Figure 19 Photographs of the surrounding Conservation Areas

Figure 20 Pedestrian movement and public realm

Figure 21 Analysis of public realm and quality of street frontage along Fitzroy Street

Figure 22 Analysis of public realm and quality of street frontage along Burleigh Street

Figure 23 Public realm along Fitzroy Street (top) Burleigh Street (bottom)

Figure 24 Surrounding open space provision

Figure 25 New Square, Christ's Pieces and Midsummer Common

Figure 26 Existing trees

Figure 27 Photographs from workshop 1 (March 2017)

Figure 28 Photographs from workshop 2 (April 2017)

Figure 29 Exhibition at the Grafton (May 2017)

Figure 30 Summary of the existing experience of the Grafton Area

Figure 31 Summary of opportunities for future activities and character

Figure 32 Key connections and site opportunities

Figure 33 Routes and public realm

Figure 34 Access and servicing

Figure 35 Indicative uses plan - ground floor plan

Figure 36 Indicative uses plan - typical upper floor plan

Figure 37 Framework plan including indicative development

Figure 38 Indicative building heights

Figure 39 Artist impression of Fitzroy Street

Figure 40 Historic plan highlighting the historic structure of lanes

Figure 41 Artist impression of East Road

Figure 42 Schematic illustrative proposal for East Road corridor

Figure 43 Artist impression of Burleigh Street

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