Appendix 2: list of figures

Figure 1: Site location

Figure 2: Progress of the document preparation

Figure 3: Aerial view of site location

Figure 4: Cambridge East AAP Concept diagram

Figure 5: Cambridge Local Plan Modifications (March 2016)

Figure 6: Site context

Figure 7: Existing bus network

Figure 8: Existing Public Rights of Way

Figure 9: Cambridge East facilities

Figure 10: Local facilities

Figure 11: Education facilities

Figure 12: Retail facilities

Figure 13: Medical facilities

Figure 14: Public transport connections

Figure 15: Existing vegetation

Figure 16: Location of open spaces

Figure 17: Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey results plan

Figure 18: Designations

Figure 19: Current urban grain - figure ground plan

Figure 20: Settlement study area

Figure 21: Cherry Hinton open spaces

Figure 22: Photo location plan

Figure 23: View of residential street adjacent to site

Figure 24: View along March Lane

Figure 25: View across Airport from public footpath

Figure 26: View into site from Airport Way

Figure 27: Green Belt land

Figure 28: Safeguarded land

Figure 29: Site topography

Figure 30: Existing ditch

Figure 31: Existing vegetation

Figure 32: Existing public footpath

Figure 33: Existing access

Figure 34: Existing gas main

Figure 35: Air quality management plan

Figure 36: Noise contour plan (extract from Cambridge Airport Noise Action Plan, 2014-2019)

Figure 37: Summary of site constraints

Figure 38: Concept plan

Figure 39: Overview of movement strategy

Figure 40: Connectivity

Figure 41: Primary street option A

Figure 42: Primary street option B

Figure 43: Potential wider cycle connections

Figure 44: Indicative pedestrian and cycle route

Figure 45: Central spine cycle options

Figure 46: Indicative bus route

Figure 47: Energy hierarchy

Figure 48: Sustainable drainage strategy

Figure 49: Typical SuDS sections illustrating a range of attenuation features

Figure 50: Indicative landscape framework plan

Figure 51: Indicative building heights strategy

Figure 52: Indicative plan illustrating key development principles

Table 1: Green infrastructure

Table 2: Open space provision requirements

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