4. Vision

Analysis of the site and surrounding area has informed the overarching vision for LNCH. The vision for LNCH reflects the Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth which promotes planned growth of sustainable and vibrant new communities in accordance with four themes: Community, Character, Connectivity and Climate.

(3) The Land to the North of Cherry Hinton will be a vibrant, high-quality and distinctive extension to the existing settlement, reflecting and enhancing the special character of the surrounding area, whilst working in synergy with Cambridge as a whole. It will be an integrated and well-connected neighbourhood that is in harmony with its natural setting. Design cues taken from the surrounding area will create a unique neighbourhood that will include a distinctive entrance to Cherry Hinton, a transition from rural to urban, a celebration of views across the airport, and the incorporation of existing pedestrian and cycle links.

(6) Community

A vibrant and liveable community with a provision of a mix of tenure and social infrastructure.

  • Provide open spaces, formal play and community facilities
  • Encourage social interaction and a sense of belonging
  • Create a strong green framework
  • New, centrally located centre

(6) Character

An attractive extension to Cherry Hinton inspired by the unique characteristics of the existing settlement and surrounding area. Distinctive entrance into Cherry Hinton.

  • High quality landscape framework comprising native plants including cherry trees and enhancing the countryside setting
  • Celebrate of views across the airport and outwards to the countryside
  • Materials palette comprising brick with cladding details

(6) Connectivity

A community with strong connections to Cherry Hinton and the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city. Encouraging sustainable travel choices through the incorporation of cycle links and access to public transport links.

  • Sustainable connections across site and beyond
  • Safe and direct routes
  • Access to public transport links
  • Access to services and facilities within Cherry Hinton and Cambridge city centre
  • Walkable neighbourhood
  • Clear hierarchy of streets

(6) Climate

In harmony with existing and historic landscape features, protecting and enhancing environmental qualities of the surrounding area. Promoting a low carbon lifestyle.

  • Incorporate the existing countryside walk into a linear park
  • Support biodiversity and protect existing habitats of value
  • Utilise energy efficient technologies
  • Be adaptable to our changing climate

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