Histon & Impington Neighbourhood Plan - Submission consultation

Representation ID: 168185

Received: 30/07/2019

Respondent: Chivers Farms Ltd

Agent: Bidwells

Representation Summary:

Policy HIM15 Walking and Cycling Routes

Chivers Farms Limited is supportive of improving and maintaining walking and cycling links within the village. Page 32 of MDVD seeks a proposed pedestrian and cycle link through our client's land to connect with village's existing footpath/cycle network maximising opportunities for convenient nonvehicular access and providing easy and safe routes to Impington village centre. The client would welcome opportunity to discuss improving connectivity links within village.

Chivers Farms Limited supports principle of enhancing walking and cycling routes for wider
community. Proposed walking and cycling route shown in MDVD, seeks to provide good
permeability and connectivity to and from village of Impington for proposed and existing residents to access open space, amenity and play spaces. This in turn would contribute to maintaining a strong sense of community and ensuring there are safe and sustainable modes of transport. Chivers farms Limited is willing to look at this further with the Parish Council.