Draft Over Village Design Guide SPD

Representation ID: 167830

Received: 29/04/2019

Respondent: Mr Ben Ratcliffe

Representation Summary:

A number of inaccuracies are detailed regarding Figure 30 and green space, public access and dwellings. In Summary I require you to amend the document to ensure the true position is reflected within the final Village Design Guide.
Please ensure that the amendments are carried through to other figures and text within the document.

Full text:

I would like to draw your attention to the inaccuracies detailed within Figure 30 on page 12 of the document. I require the items noted below to be amended to reflect the true position :
1. The areas depicted as dark green and noted as 'Green space within development' within Papworth's Close should not be highlighted as such, as they are privately owned by Nr.1 and Nr.5.
2. . There is no public footpath leading into Papworth's Close, as shown between Nr.4 and Nr.5. The
entire area of Papworth's Close is privately owned and there is No Public Right Of Way within Papworth's Close . The footpath is for the sole use of the residents of Papworth's Close.
3. It is noted that there are six dwellings in Papworth's Close. This is incorrect there are five , Nr. 21 the
Lanes is incorrectly included with in Papworth's Close.