Draft Over Village Design Guide SPD

Representation ID: 167819

Received: 10/07/2019

Respondent: Mr John Smellie

Representation Summary:

Proposed new footpath at 23 Mill Road uses my private driveway and ends in my garden, with no possibility of onward exit to Chapmans Way or Cox's End. It separates my home from my garden, destroys the privacy of my home and is inappropriate. It must be removed.

Full text:

The map shown on page 11 shows a variety of access routes through the village, including proposed footpaths. I am very concerned that one proposed footpath shown, trending north from mill Road, runs down my drive, in front of my home and onto Chapmans way. From discussions with South Cambs officer at the exhibition of the VDP yesterday, I was told that routes shown on the map were all drawn up by local people of Over. It is difficult to understand how local people would have proposed a footpath along my drive as the drive is private. I have lived in the property since 1983, owned by me, and is a cu de sac ending in my front garden. There is no access, nor possibility of access, through to Chapmans way or Cox's End, because of existing gardens and houses adjacent to the northern boundary of my property, as local is likely to have known. I should be grateful if you will remove the proposed footpath from the plan.

Secondly, and for info only, the proposed footpath shown trending from Mill Road runs directly through a new home. Perhaps the proposer was using an out-of-date map when they drew the route.