Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Submission version

Representation ID: 56591

Received: 23/11/2021

Respondent: O'Donovan Holdings Ltd

Agent: Iceni Projects Limited

Representation Summary:

Objective 2 - This objective should include support for rural exception sites to meet a sustainable affordable
housing need, as long as they are well-designed.

Objective 5 - The objective therefore should not be to encourage more parking provision, but rather to provide
levels of parking appropriate to the site and circumstances.

Paragraphs 4.23, 4.31, text box on page 43 and Policies GAM3 and GAM9 - These state that the right place
for new homes is within the village boundary. We object to this because there is no reference to rural exception
sites. These are permitted according to South Cambridgeshire Local Plan Policy H/11, so the text should be amended to reflect this.