Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Representation ID: 56005

Received: 05/10/2020

Respondent: Turnstone Estates Limited

Agent: Carter Jonas

Representation Summary:

It is anticipated in the North East Cambridge AAP that the existing Tarmac operations off Cowley
Road would be relocated and the site redeveloped for business and housing uses. Tarmac
intends to remain operating from its existing site until a suitable alterative relocation site has been
identified and approved. At this stage no suitable alternative relocation site is identified for
Criteria (b) of Policy 24b requires engagement with affected occupiers and tenants where
relocation of existing businesses is proposed as part of development at North East Cambridge.
Tarmac would be affected by the redevelopment of its existing site, and would welcome
discussions with the Council to find a suitable alternative site from which it can operate.
Criteria (c) of Policy 24b sets out a sequential approach to the re-provision of existing uses.
Tarmac is an existing established business, and a replacement facility should be located within or
close to Cambridge in order to avoid the unnecessary transportation of aggregates and materials.
The assistance and support of the Council will be required to enable Tarmac to relocate its
existing operations in a viable manner.