Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Representation ID: 55984

Received: 05/10/2020

Respondent: Hawkswren Ltd

Agent: Carter Jonas

Representation Summary:

As set out in the Introduction, Barr Tech intend to relocate their existing vehicle servicing and
repairs business elsewhere, and A De Simone Investments Ltd has an option to redevelop the
site. This relocation will only take place if a high use class value is generated on the site. Policy
24b sets out the process and criteria for assessing options for the relocation of existing
businesses, and it is acknowledged that these steps might be appropriate for most circumstances
where an existing business could be accommodated within the redeveloped AAP area. However,
it is requested that Policy 24b also refers to the situation – as is the case with Barr Tech - where
a willing landowner who operates an existing business has agreed to sell their land for
redevelopment and relocate elsewhere, and in these circumstances the requirement for a
relocation strategy to be prepared for a planning application should not be necessary. It is
requested that a relocation strategy is specifically not required where a willing landowner or
business has agreed to the redevelopment of their site.