Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Representation ID: 55746

Received: 05/10/2020

Respondent: Brookgate

Agent: Bidwells

Representation Summary:

Policy 3 states that an Area Action Plan wide approach to energy and associated infrastructure
should be investigated and, where feasible and viable, implemented. The Shared Planning Service has
commissioned the development of an Energy and Infrastructure Study and Energy Masterplan for NEC.
This will consider the energy options and associated infrastructure requirements needed to support
the energy demands of the development and the transition to net zero carbon, giving consideration
to energy use in buildings, battery storage and that required for transportation. It will also give
consideration to the development of local energy communities and local collaboration and options
for community ownership of decentralised energy opportunities that may arise from the energy

At this stage of the Plan, the site wide energy and infrastructure study and energy masterplan has
not been prepared.

Whilst Brookgate do not oppose the approach set out in Policy 3 in principle, throughout the NEC
AAP workshops, Brookgate has made it clear that they have already sourced their power and other
such requirements both on and off site in
respect of the Chesterton Sidings site.