Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Representation ID: 51854

Received: 31/07/2020

Respondent: Encompass Network

Representation Summary:

An overall very positive policy with regards to creating new community areas. By requiring new buildings to include gender-neutral toilets, and staff at public buildings in the Centres to be trained as Safe Space employees, the centres could be built up from the start as inclusive and accessible for LGBTQ+ people.

Full text:

I think the proposals are well thought-out. I would add that, alongside the explorations suggested of ways to improve access for disabled people to the whole area and particularly the Centres, there should be explorations of ways to improve inclusion for other minorities. Representing the Encompass Network, I am particularly concerned with improved access for LGBTQ+ people, which could be implemented here by requiring there to be gender-neutral toilets included in the design of all public buildings (separate to disabled toilets). The development of an entirely new community area from scratch is a wonderful opportunity to create a development inclusive of transgender, non-binary, intersex and gender-non-conforming people inherent in its very design. Working with the potential Community Development Officer from the beginning of this community area would also be a brilliant way to build up an inclusive community from the start, for all LGBTQ+ people, by working towards making the whole area and all staff employed in newly built buildings certified Safe Space employees (as the City Council is currently).