North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33514

Received: 24/03/2019

Respondent: Ms Marian Monas

Representation Summary:

More staff; More security at night

Full text:

1. There is very little mention of facilities and access for disabled people who cannot walk far or cycle. What are your plans to meet these needs?

2. It seems that there is only one bus route servicing the station - there needs to be many more routes from the station into Cambridge and surrounding villages. The buses need to be more frequent as well, especially on the weekends.
The buses could be smaller and run more frequently which could ease the journey into Cambridge.

3. More staff

4. Open up routes across the river for pedestrians, bikes, cars and public transport.

5. More security at night

6. More facilities - cafes, shops, bigger sheltered waiting areas

7. More people friendly environment - trees, flowers, water features, shade, shelter, use of renewables

8. Truly affordable housing, with adequate infrastructure for health, schools, shops