North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33450

Received: 25/03/2019

Respondent: Campaign to Protect Rural England Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Representation Summary:

New Water Treatment Centre must not harm greenbelt, countryside, the River Cam corridor or other communities or water supply.
Must include suitable employment space.

Full text:

1. The WTC should not be relocated to a greenbelt or greenfield site, flood risk area or an existing or planned community. Existing rules on safe-guarding must be complied with. If the decision is taken to relocate the WTC to an acceptable brownfield site, CPRE would like assurance that contamination on the vacated site can be fully remediated before development commences.

2.The height and scaling of buildings should be sympathetically arranged to ensure that the view from the East from open countryside and the River Cam towards the development is not compromised.

Air traffic using Cambridge Airport should not be compromised by building heights. The existing Milton Road corridor and community should not be surrounded by overbearing tower blocks or industrial buildings. Nevertheless, the development needs to include suitable employment space, for businesses which may be spawned from the nearby Science Park and St Johns Innovation Centre as well as businesses capable of providing services to those research and development clusters. The area should be developed to reflect this.

3. Air quality, light, and noise pollution should not intrude on or be detrimental to the tranquility of the open countryside and the River Cam corridor. Green space and wildlife corridors should be strategically arranged thoughout the development to enhance biodiversity and for the wellbeing of community. Consideration should be given to creating a green fringe between the River Cam towpath and the development.

4. CPRE supports the use of non motorised vehicular travel. However the towpath along the River Cam should remain predominately an area for pedestrians and those who wish to enjoy the tranquility of the river bank and the Fen Rivers Way that runs along the river bank from Cambridge to Ely in a more leisurely and peaceful fashion. Safeguarding this unique public space and biodiversity should be a priority.

5. The necessary infrastructure and transport links for this development and Waterbeach New Town need to be funded,considered and strategically delivered together as a cohesive plan and not in a piecemeal fashion or to the detriment of surrounding communities.

6. Climate change and water stress need to be fully considered to ensure that the proposed development is sustainable, viable and "future proof" taking into account the availability of water as Sir James Bevan has recently warned:
Concerns have been raised by local bodies regarding the potential for over extraction of water from the River Cam and local aquifers which are currently licensed at their safe extraction limits. It is feared that over populating the course of the River Cam may hugely exacerbate water stress and have a negative effect on the agricultural businesses that rely on a combination of river water and borehole water to irrigate their crops during the dry summers which charcterise this area.

7. An inclusive approach to community development should be followed which is designed to benefit the new and existing communities, particularly the deprived areas of Arbury and King's Hedges, other existing communities within the proposed AAP boundary and the villages that will sit alongside it.