Greater Cambridge Statement of Community Involvement Consultation Draft 2019

Representation ID: 32807

Received: 24/03/2019

Respondent: B Nicolson

Representation Summary:

IDOX is not an intuitive, modern tool for many members of the public to use. For this reason it excludes too many who might wish to comment on planning applications and remains challenging for those who already do.

Full text:

4.12 Has some fine words about IDOX. In my experience it is not as easy to use as this document suggests. The search facility frequently offers results that bear no relation to what was searched for. So you may look for a specific address but it will give you all the other addresses in the area with a similar house number. This is not useful.

Dates for commenting. There are usually several listed. How would someone not familiar with it know which was the actual deadline?

Documents: Again, it is not straightforward for members of the public to understand what it presented here. How would you know, unless you'd used the system many times before, that Design and Access often contains useful information?

The map is in need of updating. It is hard to locate specific applications on it. The design is old fashioned.