Greater Cambridge Statement of Community Involvement Consultation Draft 2019

Representation ID: 32583

Received: 07/03/2019

Respondent: Fowlmere Primary School

Representation Summary:

No mention in draft consultation regarding involvement of schools. This is a grievous omission considerably impacting on viability and sustainability of communities as well as quality of life for Greater Cambridgeshire residents. Involvement of schools and educational establishments at all points of the planning process must be considered to comply with equalities legislation (Equalities Act 2010).
NPPF places considerable weight on educational issues(inter alia para 94) this has not been acknowledged in policies by the Greater Cambridge Partnership.
Current SCDC Planning Policy uses existence of Primary Schools to denote Group Village status yet has no mechanism to support them which is contrary to NPPF guidelines. There appears to be no mechanism for assessing the impact of Local Plans on communities.
We are keen to engage with Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership to ensure that schools continue to thrive. Current flows of information are not fit for purpose and no substitute for direct consultation with schools.