Cambridge Northern Fringe East AAP - Issues and Options

Representation ID: 30458

Received: 02/02/2015

Respondent: Indigo Planning Ltd

Representation Summary:

TCE support the overall vision for CNFE as an employment led, mixed use neighbourhood. However, we would like to see a greater emphasis on the area being developed further as an internationally recognised business, research and development cluster. Cambridge Business Park, the Science Park and the St. Johns Innovation Centre already create the character of this part of Cambridge and this should not be diluted by the AAP.

Facilitating and encouraging research and development and high tech uses will enhance the 'critical mass' of the cluster and create further opportunities for collaboration and innovation, enhancing the city's reputation as a world leader for research and development.

Whilst it is appropriate to have complementary and supporting uses (including housing), the focus should be on high quality business uses.

However, any proposals to intensify the use of the area must address current access and infrastructure difficulties. If these matters, (particularly highway access), cannot be fully addressed, the area does not have sufficient capacity to accommodate further significant development.

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