Histon & Impington Neighbourhood Plan - Submission consultation

Representation ID: 168235

Received: 31/07/2019

Respondent: Mrs Clare Taylor

Representation Summary:

Policy HIM04 The Windmill

We object to the section regarding the Windmill and its potential to lead to refusal of permission to build eg a dormer window in the surrounding area.

We feel that the Parish Council could have been more forthcoming with information for those who attended the consultation meeting about the windmill. An email list of those who attended was collected but not used. Many attendees will therefore not be aware of this final stage of the consultation.

Full text:

We support most of the local plan, but feel we have to object to the section pertaining to the windmill. We feel that there is an important principle at stake.
THE WINDMILL: While we have the utmost admiration for the work that the owner has carried out on the windmill, we are concerned that his 'intention' to grind corn and avoid it being a drain on his purse/ the protection of his investment are to be given greater priority than the interests of many homeowners nearby. As is documented in the history of the mill, even in the very early 20th century an engine was required to drive the mill, and we are surprised that this and the fact that the mill is on low-lying land and is surrounded by houses/tall trees were not taken into account by the owner when he purchased the mill. It seems very likely to us that it is already not possible to make it a 'working mill' on a money-making footing.
The Plan mentions that any it is possible, with support of landowners, to cut back trees - who would pay for this if it were required?

THE CONSULTATION PROCESS/FEEDBACK: At a local level, greater transparency during the consultation process would have been appreciated.
We were present at the meeting held during the consultation process, and feelings ran quite high - in the same sort of vein as we have expressed above. Our email addresses were gathered and it was implied that we would be informed about any changes made to the Plan as a result of the meeting. In fact, the email list was not used...the final Plan was simply posted on the parish council website, and only after I requested that interested parties be informed. In other words, many of those interested parties who attended the meeting are not aware that the Plan is available for comment on this website.
We appreciate that there are many in the villages who are very supportive of the Windmill, but we suspect that most if not all of any supportive responses gathered during the initial consultation came from homeowners not in the affected area.
There were also many who were not in favour of this section of the Plan, and submitted comment locally. As the final submitted version is not materially different, we suspect that this would remain the situation if only homeowners had been made aware by email of the final version of the Plan.