Draft Bourn Airfield Supplementary Planning Document - June 2019

Representation ID: 168143

Received: 30/07/2019

Respondent: Cambourne Town Council

Representation Summary:


1. A WELL CONNECTED PLACE - Facilitating sustainable movement from, to and within the site, shaped around a network of traffic-free active travel routes, integrated public transport, and delivering excellent connections to Cambridge via a new guided busway route. How is this movement sustained once the fixed term bus subsidies have expired?

2. VIBRANT, PROSPEROUS AND INCLUSIVE - Meeting the needs and aspirations of a broad and diverse community with a village centre integrating a range of community facilities alongside convenient and independent retail, along with opportunities for local employment and entrepreneurship within the site. How will you encourage and support independent retailers?

3 HEALTHY AND ACTIVE - providing for the wellbeing of residents as an essential aspect of the village's fabric, encouraging, walking and cycling as part of daily life, offering opportunities for physical recreation and social interaction for all, and supporting access to fresh and healthy food choices. How will you support access to fresh and healthy food? How will you provide for the wellbeing of isolated or marginalised residents? Community Development Fund/Worker?

4 LOCALLY DISTINCTIVE: Responding to the existing context of the site and the inherited assets of the airfield and its landscape, whilst delivering a bespoke and modern built environment which includes unique and locally inspired buildings and public spaces.

5 SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT - Building in a manner that is sensitive to the environment, delivering enhanced outcomes for biodiversity and hydrology, and incorporating low-carbon buildings, renewable energy and low-emission travel beyond existing standards. How will you provide renewable energy and low emission travel beyond existing standards?

6 COHESIVE, WELL-PLANNED AND GOVERNED - Considering the lifetime of the village through conception, construction, completion and maturity, utilising tools such as masterplans and design codes to manage quality, supporting community building and ownership models, and creating community focused governance models allowing residents a strong and active role in how the village evolves. If the 'lifetime of the village' is a real objective, will lifetime homes and single storey dwellings be provided to accommodate residents through their life cycle and to provide housing for additional needs?