List of Figures


Photographs and images were taken or created by Cambridge City Council (unless otherwise stated), with the following exceptions:


Page 13: Photograph taken 1874, courtesy of Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central Library


Page 25: Photograph courtesy of Thirsty []


Figures 23-28: Photographs courtesy of Ben Hamilton-Baillie


Figure 42: Project Stationsstat, ©Sweco Belgium-Dirk Vertommen []


Figure 43: Fredenksberg, Copenhagen []


Figure 44: Joel Weeks Park, Toronto, ©City of Toronto []


Figure 45: Woolwich Squares, ©Gustafson Porter []


Figure 46: Google Earth Image of Windrush Square, London, Source: Google Earth


Figure 47: Interim public plaza, Philadelphia []


Figure 48: Paper House, Heatherwick Studio, ©Cristobal Palma []


Page 43: Photograph courtesy of Stir

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