(2)3.1 VISION

Mill Road Depot site will become a popular residential neighbourhood, creating a network of pedestrian, cycle routes and open spaces which connect the site to the surrounding Petersfield neighbourhood, and key destinations elsewhere in the city. The development will establish a varied mix of approximately 167 new dwellings including a significant proportion of affordable homes.

The design will respect the typical form, scale and character of buildings and streets in the Mill Road Conservation Area, exploiting opportunities to incorporate taller buildings up to four storeys adjacent to the railway at the eastern boundary of the site. The proposals will respond to the sites’ key opportunities and constraints, including the provision of a single point of general vehicular access from Mill Road alongside a low level of car parking provision.


(2)Access and permeability

3.2.1 The proposals will establish a single point of vehicular access from Mill Road via the existing entrance to the site. Subject to more detailed design work and assessment, this will be facilitated by improvements to the junction, a low level of on-site parking and an integrated network of pedestrian and cycle connections across the site, including the Chisholm Trail which runs through the site. Secondary emergency vehicle and pedestrian and cycle only access will be provided from Hooper Street to the north.

(6)Housing-led mix of uses

3.2.2 Housing is the principal land use for the Depot site and will include a significant proportion of affordable housing. A range of different affordable delivery models will be considered, with an overall ambition of 40% affordable housing as a minimum target. Community uses could also be provided.


3.2.3 Proposals should provide a contextual approach to scale and massing in response to the typical domestic scale of development on surrounding streets and the less sensitive edge presented by the railway corridor to the east of the site. The proposals should retain the Listed former Free Library building, the Language school and the gatehouse building towards the south of the site. There is also an opportunity to keep and refurbish the coach houses on the western edge of the site. The block of garages to the north should be retained in the short-term but any scheme should be capable of accommodating their phased, future redevelopment. Development should be arranged around a dominant north-south grain of streets and spaces. Opportunities for integrated, sustainable design solutions should also be pursued.

Open spaces / environment

(2)3.2.4 The proposals should embed a positive approach to open space in response to existing and future need. Open space should be viewed as a multifunctional resource which can accommodate a wide range of activities, playspace and environmental features including surface water attenuation, ecological enhancement and landscape proposals as appropriate. Several spaces should be provided of varying size and function. Key spaces include a new neighbourhood park to the north and a flexible space adjacent to the Chisholm Trail and Mill Road to the south-east.

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