2.1 Cambridge Local Plan (2006) and the Cambridge Local Plan 2014: Proposed Submission

2.1.1 The NMS was first allocated in the Cambridge Local Plan 2006 as Site 7.08. It was allocated for "redevelopment/refurbishment for predominantly University uses, with some mixed use to enhance the attractiveness of the public realm." This allocation required the development of a planning brief. At the time of preparing this SPD, Policy 43 University Faculty Development and Appendix B: Proposals Schedule within the Cambridge Local Plan 2014: Proposed Submission identify the NMS as Site U2 for mixed-use redevelopment for university related uses. The Cambridge Local Plan 2014: Proposed Submission document is currently being examined by an independent Inspector.

2.1.2 Upon adoption, the SPD will represent a site development brief and provide greater certainty and detail to support the delivery of this allocation in the coming years.

2.2 Masterplan

2.2.1 A well prepared, clear and informed Masterplan for proposed and future development of the New Museums Site is vital in ensuring coordinated development. The University has prepared a site Masterplan which illustrates how the proposals set out in this SPD could be implemented, as set out in Plan 2 below.

2.2.2 As part of the preparation of the Masterplan, there was significant engagement between the University, City Council and Historic England, which helped add detail to the proposals set out in this document and provided a brief for the development of different areas on the site.

(1)2.2.3 The Masterplan will not be formally adopted with the SPD, but the Masterplan proposals will be submitted with applications for each phase of development. The Masterplan has helped inform the parameters set out in this SPD and the illustrative master plan contained herein represents a more detailed illustration of these parameters. The Council will require each proposal for development to be compliant with this SPD.

2.2.4 The Masterplan will be updated by the University when necessary. This may include updates after completion of each phase of development.

Plan 2: The Illustrative Masterplan

Plan 2

2.3 University Estate Strategy

2.3.1 The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. Its Estate Strategy (2012) supports this mission by setting out the strategy for the development of the estate and the creation of buildings and places that support world class teaching and research and efficient administration.

2.3.2 The main aims of the strategy are:

  • To meet priority needs for new and or improved facilities.
  • To cluster associated University disciplines, in order to achieve academic benefits and administrative operating efficiencies.
  • To provide buildings and places with high levels of sustainability and design quality.
  • To deliver optimum space efficiency.

(1)2.3.3 The University Estate Strategy supports the development of the New Museums Site as the centre for social sciences, conservation biology and student support services within the University. The site is therefore the focus of a sequence of proposed institutional moves including the following.

To West Cambridge from the NMS:

  • Dept. of Materials Science and Metallurgy;
  • Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology;
  • University Information Services including its Data Centre.

To the NMS from other sites:

  • Dept. of Geography (from the Downing Site);
  • Dept. of Land Economy (from the Old Press Site);
  • Student Services (from various city centre sites.)

2.3.4 The University Estate Strategy is supported by a Capital Plan and a Capital Projects Process which focus resources into strategically important projects.

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