Foxton - Designation of a neighbourhood area - October 2015

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Foxton - Designation of a neighbourhood area - October 2015

Foxton - Designation of a neighbourhood area

Representation ID: 165114

Received: 30/10/2015

Respondent: Gladman Developments

Representation Summary:

No specific comments to make on the application. Taking opportunity to highlight key requirements which neighbourhood plan should have regard.

Offering assistance to Foxton in preparing their plan.

Sets out national guidance and legislation relevant to neighbourhood planning. Plan must align with strategic policies in Local Plan. Examination of emerging Local Plan in South Cambridgeshire has been suspended whilst further work is carried out. Further consultation and modifications likely. Suggest Foxton Plan preparation is delayed until all Local Plan is adopted as strategic policies may change.

Neighbourhood Plan cannot introduce policies that would prevent development - need to plan positively. Policies to be supported with evidence base. May need Strategic Environmental Assessment if plan proposals significant - consider at early stage.

Planning application submitted by Gladman in Foxton was refused By South Cambs DC and appeal due in February 2016. Site off Shepreth Rd has potential as housing allocation to meet housing need in village. Benefits of site outlined.

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