West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan - submission version January 2022

Representation ID: 59428

Received: 15/03/2022

Respondent: Cambridgeshire County Council

Representation Summary:

Requesting that neighbourhood plan should include mention of flood risk or surface water management. Provides information on all the links to relevant policies and documents.

Full text:

Thank you for consulting us on the Draft v4.0 West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan, I have reviewed the plan and have the following comments:

• The Neighbourhood Plan does not include any detail relating to surface water flood risk or surface water management, with reference to new developments and how to mitigate this going forward. Information on surface water flood risk can be found in the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for South Cambridgeshire and reference should also be made to the Cambridgeshire Flood and Water Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This information should be included to ensure that development coming forward is considered in all aspects, including flood risk and strive to further promote sustainable drainage techniques (SuDS).

• We advise that policies such as CC/7 - Water Quality, CC/8 - Sustainable Drainage Systems and CC/9 - Managing Flood Risk of the 2018 South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) Local Plan are referenced within the Neighbourhood Plan.

• In relation to the Cambridgeshire Flood and Water SPD, which has been adopted by South Cambridgeshire District Council, reference should be made regarding the principle of designing surface water drainage into a development.

• The neighbourhood plan should particularly reference water quality and quantity, to protect chalk streams, and to ensure development does not increase flood risk within the parish.

• Reference should be made to Chapter 14 of the NPPF, as this relates to flood risk.

• With reference to the flood risk, it is noted that the Parish of West Wickham is made up of areas of low, medium and high risk of surface water flood risk. There is some useful information on the website on surface water flood risk, as well as in the South Cambridgeshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

In addition to the above, links to documents referenced and other useful information have been included below:

o Cambridgeshire Flood and Water SPD:

o Surface water and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) planning webpage:

o Surface Water Drainage Guidance for Developers:

o Surface water flood maps:

o South Cambridgeshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment: