West Wickham Neighbourhood Plan - submission version January 2022

Representation ID: 59420

Received: 14/03/2022

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

Policy WWK/2 Built environment characteristics.

A full description has been added to the supporting text to this policy about the different character areas within the parish. We support this inclusion.

However, our historic environment team remains of the view that the Platts Farm site is sufficiently prominent in the core section of the village that it merits a more specific reference in the description of Character Area 1.

Second part of policy - We welcome the references to new boundary treatments and to paving, which are absolutely consistent with policy NH/14 of the local plan and the objective of protecting the historic environment. However, we consider that the wording of the policy could place greater emphasis on the specific issue of the impact inappropriate kerbstones, kerb heights and footways might have on the settings of listed buildings and the character of the conservation area. It would have been helpful to have more explanation within the supporting text on this issue.

For clarity we suggest that the following wording is added to the final sentence of the policy ‘...incorporating where necessary, appropriate boundary treatment to mitigate detracting impacts on to the street scene and public realm.’