Fulbourn Neighbourhood Plan - submission version

Representation ID: 59357

Received: 17/01/2022

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

10 Residential development

Paragraphs 10.2 -10.3 - The introduction to this chapter has been much rewritten. Mention is made of the emerging Greater Cambridge Local Plan and the options considered in the making of the local plan. Whilst this Plan must be aware of the emerging local plan, we do not consider it appropriate to include this within the supporting text as it is likely to need to be updated as the emerging local plan moves towards its next formal stage. Until the local plan is examined it is not certain what strategy will be included in it.

Paragraph 10.7 for clarity it should be stated that it was Cambridgeshire ACRE that carried out the survey not Cambridge.

The Ida Darwin and Teversham Road Sites – In the Regulation 14 version of the Plan there was a policy for these two sites. We commented that it was not necessary to repeat Local Plan policies H/3 and SS/3 and only additional criteria should be included in the Plan. The option has been taken to no longer retain a policy in the Plan but policy like language is used in paragraph 10.11 – 10.12 for these two sites. It should be noted that this wording has no weight in the determination of applications. The Village Design Guide does provide detailed design guidance relating to these sites which could have been included in a policy in the Plan to add weight.(See page 16)