Fulbourn Neighbourhood Plan - submission version

Representation ID: 59346

Received: 17/01/2022

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

Policy FUL/03 Creating a Connected Green Infrastructure Network.

Part 1 of the policy – It is not clear how development proposals could contribute towards the creation of an extended Green Infrastructure network. Since much of the network is outside of the built-up area of the village over agricultural land within the Green Belt what development in the future on this land would be expected to contribute to the creation of the network? Planning practice guidance notes that planning obligations should only be uses where it is:
• necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms;
• directly related to the development; and
• fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development.

These tests are set out as statutory tests in regulation 122 (as amended by the 2011 and 2019 Regulations) and as policy tests in the National Planning Policy Framework. It is not clear how the intent of the Policy could be achieved by applying these tests.

Part 1 – final sentence – We are unsure what is meant by the term ‘potentially’ comprise – this implies uncertainty of what is included in the green infrastructure.

Part 1a – e – It is unclear whether all these features are included in Figure 11. We consider that these features should be clearly identified as they are included within the policy. Within (a) where are all the existing accessible open space? What is meant by designated green space – the local green space and Protected Village Amenity Areas? Which wildlife sites – ones designated? In (b) what is natural greenspace? In (c) where are the new green spaces and habitats – are these shown in Figure 11? In (d) are the permissive countryside routes shown? In (e) such areas of open space could be extensive.

This section could emphasis linking and improving connectivity, for example between locally protected sites, such as County Wildlife Sites, and nationally protected sites, such as SSSIs’. The terms ‘designated green spaces’ and ‘wildlife sites’ are rather vague. Where are the green spaces designated and are the wildlife sites designated anywhere?

Part 2 of the policy – The areas shown on Figure 11 indicating the network covers much land around the parish. It extends over both the Fulbourn and Ida Darwin hospital sites- this policy must take account of the existing planning permissions on these sites. Any future development within the parish would be impacted by this policy which strengthens our concerns about the specific lack of consultation on its detail.

Part 3 – How would this be achieved? Would creating such legal agreements make for a viable policy? Who would take responsibility for managing and maintaining the network on private land – SCDC? Parish Council? Wildlife Trust? The policy is unclear. It would be better to state that Green Infrastructure provided as part of a development will be retained through conditions.