Fulbourn Neighbourhood Plan - submission version

Representation ID: 59345

Received: 17/01/2022

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

Policy FUL/03 Creating a Connected Green Infrastructure Network.
The supporting text has been changed a lot from the version of the Plan consulted upon at Regulation 14. A new policy has been added. SCDC has concerns that this policy has not been subject to full consultation prior to submission and could be considered a major change to the Plan. Development proposals are being asked to contribute towards the creation of an extended Green Infrastructure Network. In the previous Plan this was a simple criterion in Policy FUL/04 Protection and Enhancement of Nature Features - 2b.

The policy is supported by Figure 11 which shows an indicative green infrastructure network. Whilst supporting the principle of showing clearly the green infrastructure within the parish, we have concerns that this is the first time such a map has shown the extent of this infrastructure in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. The supporting text to this policy sets out a clear narrative as to why such an infrastructure would be important including relevant studies that promote such greening, but this is new information to the plan.

The inclusion of a connected green infrastructure network is welcomed. With support and advice from the Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs and Northants, this network has the potential to contribute to the Nature Recovery Network to be developed in Cambridgeshire in line with the requirements of the Environment Act 2021.