Greater Cambridge Local Plan Preferred Options

Representation ID: 58933

Received: 13/12/2021

Respondent: Phase 2 Planning

Representation Summary:

Land at Meldreth provides an opportunity to provide for sustainable growth in the southern part of the rural area where there are not necessarily other suitable locations.

Full text:

The GCLP promotes a cohesive society and healthy communities. This is supported. A key factor in achieving this is a thriving economy, including a supply of market and affordable housing in a range of areas and where this benefits residents of all areas of the CLP area. At present, the absence of any proposed allocations in Meldreth does not promote or support the objective of delivering wellbeing and inclusion by ensuring that there is access to housing, and that new residential areas are provided where prospective residents have access to public transport. The allocation of land at Meldreth would contribute towards achieving these objectives and would be consistent with this overarching policy.

Please see additional written representations for further details.