Greater Cambridge Local Plan Preferred Options

Representation ID: 58798

Received: 13/12/2021

Respondent: Phase 2 Planning

Representation Summary:

The potential for further investment in and growth of Melbourn Science Park should not be compromised by the allocation of adjacent land for housing, particularly since there are other, more sustainable sites where housing can be provided in Meldreth/Melbourn.

Full text:

The proposals to promote mixed use development, including residential uses on land towards the east of Melbourn would potentially reduce the prospect of further growth or expansion of the successful employment areas where high-technology, research and development and related facilities are now well-established.

Unlike more conventional employment premises, the research and development sector is one where there is significant potential for growth and one where growth would support and fund additional development.

It is evident that the proposed allocation of the land adjacent to the existing Science Park for mixed use development (with only 2.5 hectares of the total site area of 6.5 hectares identified for employment use), would potentially restrict the future growth and expansion of this key sector. The proposed allocation represents a unique source of land for the expansion of the Science Park while it is not necessarily the most suitable site for residential development in Melbourn or Meldreth.

Please see additional written representations for further details.