Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Submission version

Representation ID: 56600

Received: 23/11/2021

Respondent: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Representation Summary:

GAM2 Site allocation

The policy should state simply that the site at West Road is allocated for housing as identified on Map 7. It does not need to add that it will meet the housing needs requirement provided by SCDC as part of its duty set out in paragraph 67 of NPPF. This explanation should be within the supporting text for the policy. The policy is not referencing the correct paragraph in the latest published NPPF. It should be paragraph 67 rather than paragraph 65.

Paragraph 4.25 –There is a reference to the reserved matters planning application for Land South of West Road. It would be better to mention that, as of 21.10.2021, this reserved matters application (planning ref. S/3868/18/RM) has yet to be determined.

The explanation as to why this site-specific allocation policy has been included in the Plan is incorrect/ misleading. In this instance it is considered that the Parish Council should be allocating this site because the principle of development has been accepted and it safeguards the development should the permission lapse. We have previously suggested the following wording to explain the advantage of having a site allocation in the Plan:
“By allocating sites and meeting the identified housing requirement, the Neighbourhood Plan fully accords with the requirements of Paragraph 14 of the NPPF in meeting the identified housing requirement in full and therefore providing some certainty in determining proposals for new housing should the District Council not be able to demonstrate a five-years supply of housing sites in the near future.”

This policy is accompanied by Map 8 showing the proposed site layout for the West Road Site which is from the planning permission. There is no key or annotation to explain the layout or references to where the site is within the village for those who do not have local knowledge. It would benefit from annotations showing site features, access, connections and surrounding land uses.

The map would need to acknowledge a copyright.