Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan Submission version

Representation ID: 56590

Received: 19/05/2024

Respondent: O'Donovan Holdings Ltd

Agent: Iceni Projects Limited

Representation Summary:

Objective 1 - We support this objective because there is a clear need for sustainable affordable homes, in
particular 1-2-bedroom dwellings and bungalows.

Objective 4 - We support this objective in line with the requirement in the NPPF (2021) at para. 79 for housing
in rural areas to be located where it will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities.

Policy GAM1 - We support this draft policy, specifically the requirement for housing development to “provide a
mix of homes, in particular one- or two-bedroom dwellings and bungalows.”

Policy GAM6 – We support the protection of community amenities and facilities.