Draft North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

Representation ID: 56061

Received: 05/10/2020

Respondent: Department for Education

Representation Summary:

Social and Community Infrastructure – Policy 14
Question 5 - Are we are planning for the right community facilities?
16. We welcome the reference to new social infrastructure (including schools) to be
required to meet the needs of existing and new communities.
17. However, as drafted, it is not considered that this policy is wholly compliant with
the NPPF, as it provides policy support only where there is recognised ‘local
needs’. The NPPF, as set out above, gives weight to widening choice in education,
which would include through the provision of specialist educational facilities.
18. We would therefore propose that the policy be extended as follows (additional
wording in italics underlined):
Development proposals for new community, cultural and leisure facilities will be
supported where it meets identified local needs. State funded education infrastructure
which is capable of meeting wider regional needs will also be supported where this is
deliverable and sustainable.
19. This will ensure that the policy is compliant with the NPPF and is positively