North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33731

Received: 25/03/2019

Respondent: Brookgate

Agent: Bidwells

Representation Summary:

Subject to viability testing, the 40% requirement should be applied to the NEC AAP as a whole. The very heavy infrastructure costs and brownfield nature of the land with associated remediation costs must be recognised and viability is of key importance.

Consideration should however be given to PRS developments where a different approach may be required, such as discounted market rents, off-site contributions toward affordable housing provision etc. As such, the NPPG (Paragraph: 004 Reference ID: 60-004-20180913) advises that if agreement is reached between a developer and a local authority, the affordable housing requirement could be met by other routes, such as a commuted payment and/or other forms of affordable housing as defined in the NPPF. The details of this must be set out in the section 106.