North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33420

Received: 25/03/2019

Respondent: Dr Anthony Ng

Representation Summary:

Need a faith community space as provision in the plan is poor and this would meet the social inclusion and diversity aims. Youth and GP spaces /Health Centre too please.

Full text:

I am flagging that community facilities appear to be under-represented in the consultation documents. In particular, will there be a community centre/faith space in this new development? The community centre has been helpful at Orchard Park but the main community facility that serves people of all ages and races is the church. Sadly though, no faith space was provided at Orchard Park and they have to meet at a school. The NEC plan should consider strongly the provision of a building for faith communities to meet in and to help serve the needs of the local population. The Bishop of Ely has commissioned a C of E team to set up a new church in East Chesterton to serve the diverse community in North Cambridge, and this would seem like an ideal opportunity to put something in place with foresight rather than regret missed opportunity in hindsight. The team, headed up by Rev Andy Atkins has already made contact with the local community, included those from more disadvantaged backgounds and the traveller community to increase engagement.

Secondly along similar lines, what provision will there be for the youth in our area? I am an 11-14s youth worker volunteer and locally we have tremendous need.

Finally as a GP I am mindful that existing surgeries may be ove-run by the sudden infux in populaiton. In fact we are seeing this with one of the Practices near the new Trumpington and CLay Farm developments. Will there be a GP surgery/health centre built into the plans?