North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33337

Received: 25/03/2019

Respondent: Iansyst Ltd & Fen House Property Ltd

Representation Summary:

Whether or not East of the Railway line is formally included in the NECAAP EotR's needs must be heeded. It needs mains sewage.

Full text:


Q24: Access to the Cam, via Fen Road.
But this must, of course work recipically to give access to the NECAAP development to those who live and work East of the Railway (EotR). The many residents and workers in the area to the East of the Railway line are increasingly remote from Chesterton, partly because of the distance and partly because of the increased down times of the level crossing (see my comments on Q2) caused by the increasing train movements and train lengths at Cambridge North. EotR residents and workers, particularly those in the Northern part of the area, may well be attracted to facilities in the NECAAP area as they are developed, including shops and schooling.
Those west of the line will want decent access to the river; the greenbelt area may lend itself to recreational facilities and perhaps playing fields for NECAAP residents; the waste transfer station might lend itself to conversion to, say, gym or other facilities, thereby avoiding the less social need for waste lorries to access the area.
However, the inclusion of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the railway line offers the opportunity to **turn this also into a road bridge** and so offer a solution to the problems posed by the level crossing and the need for heavy lorries to access EotR via Chesterton, with the pollution and congestion that that entails. See my response to Q17

Q50: The proposal that I made re including the aree East of the Railway (EotR) in the NECAAP area (for Q2) does not imply that EotR should be fully integrated within the NECAAP for land development. The travellers sites can be left and arguably the industrial sites. Much of this area is in any case green belt.
However, the opportunity should be taken to bring mains drainage to this EotR area of Fen Road, if only under the NECAAP's obligations to its neighbours. It is appalling that this area is left off mains drainage because the inhabitants are predominantly travellers, who do not count in the arithmetic of who deserves mains sanitation!

It will be appalling if there is to be an area without mains sanitation within yards of the new NECAAP area.

Q72: Yes, the Section 106 Regime should be specifically used, along with a contribution from Network Rail, to support the enhanced roadbridge with the cycle and pedestrian bridge proposed to access recreational facilities in the green belt on Fen Road and the Cam.