North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33331

Received: 25/03/2019

Respondent: Dr Isabel Winney

Representation Summary:

More green corridors. Prioritize over roads. Keep separate from roads.

Full text:

***Please note that this representation was received after the submission deadline***

Thank you for the leaflet about the North East Cambridge area action
plan, which I picked up on my morning commute from Cambridge North
station. Please find below some feedback. It is structured according to
the question statements in the consultation booklet.

'Do you agree with the proposed vision and broad objectives? What
changes would you make?'

Cambridge needs to be carbon neutral before 2050 if the UK is to meet
it's obligations under the Paris agreement. One major source of CO2
emissions from construction is concrete, released during the production
of concrete. Require that contractors reduce or eliminate the use of
concrete during construction to reduce the carbon footprint of the

Broad objective 1 talks about the economic success of the local area,
and talks about social justice and equality. The social justice and
equality statement deserves its own broad objective.

'Have we identified all the key challenges and constraints? How should
we respond to them?'

Transport and connectivity - this is an equality and social justice
issue. Allowing people to travel by active modes (walking / scooting /
cycling) reduces their household costs. The aim should also be to reduce
the number of cars as a result of the development, not aim for no net
change, because 1) building more roads results in more cars (see various
papers), and 2) cars reduce house prices, health, and increase stress
(see the Appleyard study).

'What sort of homes and jobs should we be planning for?'

Homes that can store multiple bikes, and are not on busy roads but
'home-zone' style roads.

'What are your views on the potential future land uses, including type
and mix? What sort of greenspaces should there be?'

The commons and green corridors (Midsummer, Stourbridge, Ditton,
Grantchester) are heavily used throughout the year for recreation and
commuting. Green corridors will be essential for commuting and for
physical and mental health of new inhabitants. These corridors should be
generous. There will be no option to put them back in once construction
is complete.

'What are your views on the indicative concept plan'

More green corridors. Prioritize over roads. Keep separate from roads.