North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33238

Received: 23/03/2019

Respondent: Ms Alison BIgglestone

Representation Summary:

Concerns about the lack of plans for the provision of a secondary school.

Full text:

I am concerned that the plan does not appear to contain any mention of a secondary school; how can this truly be a sustainable plan when such a key part of any modern community is absent? Without a school in the proposed area, all 11-16 year olds will be forced to travel to alternative sites for their education, providing additional strain on the already oversubscribed schools and, in many cases, adding traffic to the overused roads in the immediate vicinities.

The provision of education, and subsequent travel, does not seem to have been considered adequately within the current plan. Whilst the NEC consultation document pays lip-service to the recognising the importance of education, the plans themselves do little to support this statement.