North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 33235

Received: 23/03/2019

Respondent: Alex Markham

Representation Summary:

Please look at the Dutch and Norwegian models for residential development, which prioritise walking and cycling over motor vehicles.

Full text:

I feel that without the inclusion of the Fen Road site (over the railway line) into the action plan there will not be a full regeneration. Any plan which includes a bridge over the railway but does not address the anti social behaviour and deprivation on Fen Road over the railway will invite conflict and community tension just like it does in East Chesterton currently.

If a bridge is not built then it will contribute to the increasing ghettoisation of the gypsy sites down Fen Road, where those sites are "left behind", which again will lead to community conflict. If that is not addressed then it will not be a desirable place to live if people do not feel safe, no matter how attractive the space is.

Aside from this, I feel that the approach is very good. Plenty of green space with walking and cycling which is central to the site. Roads for motor vehicles should stay at the edges and journey times should be quickest by bike (cars must take a longer route to tip the daily balance of vehicle choice away from cars).

There should be car pool dedicated parking to encourage sharing cars rather than ownership. For a period of 5 years or so, sponsor car share companies to make high availability in the area, then hopefully natural demand will continue it.

Leisure facilities are sorely lacking in northern Cambridge. There is high demand from the science and business park areas, with the only evening venue being the Golden Hind or Milton pubs. Making sure there is a community space like Stir (Chesterton) is essential to keeping the area vibrant and not just another Orchard Park (which I consider failed due to high crime levels and lack of community cohesion).

A new leisure centre with great family swimming facilities would be brilliant, including climbing facilities and space for classes and other indoor sports like badminton. There isn't a huge amount of leisure activities I'm aware of in Northern Cambridge aside from Impington college.

My work used to be sited by the West Cambridge sports centre and my colleagues and I used the space at lunchtimes for squash, football and basketball. We since moved to St John's innovation Park and there is not much around to continue these activities.

As a Milton resident who cycles as much as possible, my family and I would very much use the facilities which are to be developed. Please look at the Dutch and Norwegian models for residential development, which prioritise walking and cycling over motor vehicles.