North East Cambridge Area Action Plan Issues and Options 2019

Representation ID: 32778

Received: 23/03/2019

Respondent: Frances Butler

Representation Summary:

Need for parent and child friendly facilities within walking distance.
Indoors and outdoors to provide year-round options.
Integrated with local shops.
Attached to a child-friendly cafe.

Full text:

Parent and child-friendly facilities are needed if this is to be a self-contained walkable district. Having such facilities nearby makes life much easier. There is good provision in central and west Chesterton, as well as Arbury, but the new area will be a relatively long walk from those areas. As well as outside playgrounds, it would be really useful to have some sort of soft play or other indoor facility for when the weather is bad. The majority of Cambridge's soft play centres are in surrounding villages, which can only (easily) be accessed by car. Having one within walking or cycling distance would reduce parental reliance on the car - better for health and the environment. Indoor and outdoor play areas near shops would also make it easier to visit those shops with young children, rather than having to head out of town to more child-friendly places (e.g. Cambourne Tesco and nearby soft play; Bury Lane farm shop and play barn). It would be even better if such a facility could be combined with a spacious child-friendly cafe - like the German Kinder Cafes.