Mitcham's Corner Development Framework SPD

Representation ID: 31298

Received: 29/09/2016

Respondent: Mr Richard Mifsud

Representation Summary:

Saying how the detriment to traffic flow far outweighs all other benefits.

Full text:

In previous parts of the documentation, it was commented about how the entire gyratory system was set up because of bad traffic flow, and because it was infamous for complete chaos. The gyratory flow works spectacularly well, and there is rarely any traffic problems. This suggests returning back to a pre 1970s traffic flow which has already been proven not to work. This is completely daft and ridiculous, and will cause the North of Cambridge to become as big a traffic jam as South Cambridge (thinking in particular of Hills Road, Lensfield Road area).

This seems to forget that people do not choose to drive through Cambridge - they are forced to drive through Cambridge. Causing even more massive traffic jams will not alleviate the problem, and will just make it worse for everyone living here.