Mill Road Depot Draft Planning and Development Brief SPD

Representation ID: 31193

Received: 22/07/2016

Respondent: Cambridge GRT Solidarity Network

Representation Summary:

There is going to be further strain put on any new junction from the proposed Chisholm Trail cyclists; yet this has not been acknowledged or accounted for within the council commissioned traffic study.

Mott McDonald are also negligent in failing to highlight the more than 10 times increase (22 to 262 trips, even excluding Chisholm Trail traffic) in cycle trips projected in their report, or consider its implications in terms of the number and frequency of cycles (coupled with the increase in pedestrians) crossing traffic flows.

While the draft SPD includes an acknowledgement (paras 4.3.4 and 4.3.5) that there are issues requiring "careful design review in the context of potential junction enhancements to ensure a safe, formalised means of access", no such analysis or design has been provided.

These issues have to be resolved now, before the SPD is approved, because the nature of any redevelopment of the Depot site is totally dependent on the capacity of the site access.

Full text:

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