Cambridge Northern Fringe East AAP - Issues and Options

Representation ID: 30252

Received: 02/02/2015

Respondent: Turnstone Estates Limited

Agent: Carter Jonas

Representation Summary:

Some finessing of the wording is needed to detail the wider transport infrastructure that future employers in this part of the City will be able to access.

Full text:

Turnstone has no significant issues with the extent of the AAP boundary but offers a few comments. Prior to doing so it takes issue with the factors described at Paragraph 4.2 i) - v) inclusive as to how decisions were reached about what should or should not be included.

Factor i) deals with transport infrastructure and rightly refers to the new station and to the guided busway extension. However, it is remiss in not referring to other elements contributing to the accessibility of the area including the Jane Coston Bridge from Milton, Milton Road itself (with its provision for all modes including cycling and pedestrians), links to the A10, proximity to park and ride at Butt Lane etc. It should be acknowledged that each of these pieces of physical infrastructure will deliver future workers to the CNFE site and accessibility by this choice of means of transport (and directions) should be defined as a factor dictating what the extent of the CNFE should be.