Cambridge Northern Fringe East AAP - Issues and Options

Representation ID: 29214

Received: 08/12/2014

Respondent: Ben Cofield

Representation Summary:

Relocate Travellers to create wonderful riverside district of 4000+ houses. More money for Council from tax revenues, a better environment for people living in East Chesterton and a much more coherent and sensible use of ultra-prime real estate.

Full text:

Whilst I broadly in favour, I feel that by keeping 100 Traveller families on site would not allow Fen Meadows to be created and will mean that ultra-prime real estate is not managed effectively. Riverside land adjacent to a railway station and bus interchange should NEVER be allowed to flounder, and I feel that most people would rather see 4000 families housed in a beautiful new area, which would be a benefit to the whole city, rather than 100 Traveller families. It would be extremely short-sighted and a tragic mistake for the city, plus the incomes for the Councils would be vast, considering the Council Tax income etc.